Dentist in Mount Pleasant

Patient Testimonials

"Wonderful! Totally professional and very inviting. The people are absolutely lovely and do great work. I highly recommend this place. I've had regular teeth cleanings, in addition to more substantial work done. They send you reminder texts where you can cancel or reschedule via text. It's super convenient."



"I broke a tooth on Oct. 31 and called Las Americas Dental office to see if they could fit me into the schedule. They were able to see me the very next day. I didn't have to wait in the office and they were more than generous with the time to take care of me. I appreciate their expert care and generosity. Thank you."



"Was seen right away, got everything done with no discomfort. No complaints at all, quite the opposite."



"Great care with doctors who take the time to address all your needs. Overall friendly staff! The best dental care I have had."



"I've been a patient at Las Americas Dental Health for several years now. Despite having moved and the office location not being so close to me anymore, I will never stop coming. The staff are friendly and courteous. Dr. Cameron is extremely good at what he does. I love this office and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an experienced and gentle dentist."



"I went in for a routine checkup with Dr. Caballero and she was wonderful! I don't think I've had a dentist that spends the time listening to me and answering my questions in detail. She did an excellent job telling me not only what I needed to do to keep my teeth healthy, but explaining the reasons why I needed to do it. My experience with dental offices in the past usually consisted of a cleaning by the dental hygienist and the dentist seeing me for all of 30 seconds after the hygienist was through. Dr. Caballero does the cleaning herself. She is gentile, yet through. If anyone is looking for a good dentist, set up an appointment with Dr. Caballero."



"All at the office is very professional friendly welcoming they make it so comfortable nothing hearths and you leave with a great SMILE "



"Saturdays are nit my days. And even though it's a reload on positive energy from the weekly grind - I take it VERY easy and slow. So, when opted to visit the clinic on Saturday I hesitated. On the one hand - I owe it to myself. On the other - why waste a Saturday morning ?! And my body didn't fail me - though I had a 9:30 appointment (which I knew of, and twice approved) - I just didn't wake up for it... And here is where this clinic shines. I right away called when I finally woke-up, fully apologetic and shameful. The administrative clerk didn't rebuke me, didn't mock me or resent me. She calmly, quietly and VERY NICELY suggested the options, including coming-in 10 min. from my call. As I am a neighborhood patient, it was doable and the fact both the administrator and the doctor in-house (Caballero) were willing to re-schedule a local "slacker" in such ease and politeness was AMAZING. May you have more (and more punctual) patients after these upcoming holidays and new year!"



"Dr. Cameron takes time to explain everything so it is not just in and out. And works with you to see all possibilities financially also. An all around wonderful DENTIST!!!"

Mary Lee